ERCS members Alan Wesley and Dave McGowan travelled to Kamloops B.C. to participate in the Kamloops Pattern Challenge which took place on June 28-29, 2019. There were twelve participants in total, two pilots in "Intermediate", six in "Advanced" and four in "FAI".  The weather was perfect all weekend, sunny with light winds and a great time was had by all!
The flying location was excellent and took place at the "Tournament Capital Ranch" just north of Kamloops.  The Sports Complex includes RV parking, baseball diamonds, soccer fields and the High Country R/C flying field. The complex runs south to north and the R/C field is at the north end of the complex next to a soccer field.  The runway runs east, west and all flying is north of the complex so other events can take place.  Coordination is required between the R/C Club and the soccer field next to the runway for scheduled activities on that particular soccer field only.  The "Sports Ranch" is maintained by the city of Kamloops which manages all the scheduling, field conditions, buildings on the complex, washroom care, sprinkler systems, grass cutting, etc.  It was a pleasure to fly there with a great group of R/C flyers!


Submitted by Alan Wesley.