2021 ERCS Events

Date Event Location / Details
January 1 Frozen Fingers Fun Fly  
January General Meeting  
February General Meeting  
March 31 General Meeting

Zoom meeting. Check your email for an invite

April General Meeting  
May  General Meeting  
TBD Spring Combat Contest  
June General Meeting


August 14 ERCS Air Show  
August 28-29 Scale View Poster 
September 11 Electric Fun Fly    
TBD Fall Combat Contest  
September General Meeting  
September 24-25 Pylon Racing Contest ERCS will host two days of racing.
Saturday Q40 and Sunday Q40.
October 23 ERCS R/C Auction 


October General Meeting


November General Meeting & Elections  


Download this file (SCALE FUNFLY 2021.pdf)SCALE FUNFLY 2021.pdf[ ]546 kB