Located on a reclaimed gravel mine in the North Saskatchewan River Valley flood plain north of Sherwood Park, Bremner Field offers north-south, east-west, and northwest-southeast runways with clear and unobstructed approaches from all directions. The runways are 800 feet long and 100 feet wide with a smooth surface of manicured grass. The overfly area is completely free of any obstructions with no activity which would cause a safety concern. The closest neighbor is 1.2K to the south of the field. The northern edge of the field contains a large pond which is also part of the overfly area. Bremner Field can accommodate all types of model aircraft, from the largest to the smallest, including models designed to fly off water. It also has parking for up to 80 vehicles, an irrigation system and a power service. 

ERCS Bremner Field is located in Stratcona County, just minutes east of Edmonton.  Spectators are always welcome. If the gate is open come on in to watch the flying. 

Google Maps Link
to ERCS Field

Field GPS Coordinates 
Latitude: +53° 37' 43.0103"
Longitude: -113° 16' 59.9627"  

Postal address
23158 township road 540
Strathcona County Alberta


Bremner Field History

Bremner Field is the culmination of 4 years of effort, with the search beginning in 2006 to provide a replacement for two existing fields, located at 167 Ave and Clover Bar. These sites were in the foot print of the proposed development of the north leg of Anthony Henday by pass. The Bremner location was identified early in the replacement effort. Through club contacts in Lafarge, a lease was signed for the first location in the fall of 2006. Construction began early in 2007. Considerable progress was made, and a great deal of club and grant money expended before work was stopped in the fall of 2007. This was done at Lafarge's request because of a concern from a neighbor. The result was a 2 year delay before any further development would occur. During this period, the club executive worked with the County of Strathcona and Lafarge to resolve the concerns. This proved to be more difficult and time consuming than finding and constructing the field. There was also considerable risk and expense involved. It included a Land Use By-Law change to allow development of a model aircraft facility, application for a County Development Permit with an appeal after it was refused, and moving the field 700 m north of the original location with a new lease for the new location. The change in the Land Use By-Law was a co-operative effort with the Strathcona Remote Control Flyers Association, who also needed a Development Permit for their site. 

After the approval of the Development Permit, construction resumed early in 2009 on the new location in conjunction with Lafarge's reclamation of the area. This aided the clubs efforts and greatly reduced the costs to replace the work completed on the original site. Because of the ability to irrigate and the dedication of club volunteers the field was ready for use in June of 2010 for a scale meet. Bremner was officially opened with the clubs 50 th Anniversary Celebration in August of 2010. This was an airshow and fun fly with about 600 people attending. On hand were officials from Strathcona County and past club members including people that formed the club 50 years ago. It was a successful weekend with clear and sunny skies. County officials were impressed with the results of the club's efforts describe the site as an oasis. 

Because the site is in the river valley flood plain, intense development in the surrounding area will be limited, keeping neighborhood interaction to a minimum. This, along with the support from the county for the facility as a recreational resource, should ensure a long and successful life for the site. The club looks forward to developing the site with more amenities to serve the local modeling community living in the Edmonton area and beyond.