Past members of the year.

1990              Ed Zeschuk
1991              Iain Middleton
1992              Peter Cary
1993              Murray McDowell
1994              Bob Wonitoy
1995              Neil Hansen
1996              Emile Fournier & Bill Russell
1997              Neil Hansen
1998              Dave Corscadden
1999              The Marler Family
2000              Bob Wylie
2001              Cliff McKercher
2002              Dave Kachorowski
2003              Frank Kelly
2004              Dave McGowan
2005              Merv Stewart
2006            Bruce Bender 
2007            John Gemmel
2008           Don Miller
2009          Al McGillis
2010         Al Robertson
2011     Brad Lourie
2012     Harold Tom
2013     Jan Krammer 
2014     Darrell Shivak
2015     Les Patterson
2016     Iain Middleton

Member of the year 2016.
Iain Middleton
This year was the first that ERCS has voted "member of the year" using paper ballots at the October general meeting.
Now "member of the year" is open to any member,
 including executive and past members of the year.
Thank You Iain for all your hard work.
Thank You all volunteers as well.
This society could not exist without your work.